Colony Control and Termite Treatment Options

Colony control measures are to be accessed and determined what direction to take after some of these factors are taken into account.

  • Species must be identified.
  • The amount of active termites that can be easily accessed.
  • Has an active feeding front been located? (the areas in which the termites can be located also play a significant role.)
  • What time of year is it?
  • What are the surrounds of the property like?
  • Is there significant damage or could significant damage occur the longer the colony control takes?

These are only a few vital points that must be considered.
Blackwater Pest Managements thorough Termite Inspection will reveal these important points.
We have vast Termite experience in the Hawkesbury, The Hills District, Blue Mountains and Sydney wide.

Next step is to take into account the construction style of the property. These factors are also key in deciding what colony control measures and treatment options are to be considered by Blackwater Pest Management.


Is the house built on a slab? What is against the slab edge? Is it a monolithic slab? Has there been extensions added that are not council approved or even if they are have they been completed to Australian standards with termite preventative measures taken into account? If there are pathways what are the chances of hitting services, e.g. water pipes, gas lines, downpipes, electricals all potentially encased in the concrete or not placed at the depth required by Australian standards etc? Many of these works are done by DIY homeowners but with the standards of “qualified” builders nowadays all homes are potential landmines. There are so many obstacles that need to be considered. Blackwater Pest Management is highly trained with the knowledge of their local areas Hawkesbury, The Hills District, Blue Mountains and Sydney and of how to try and overcome these factors.


Is the house built off the ground? If so what is the access like? Are you able to gain entry to all areas? Will you be able drill out and gain entry into enclosed areas within the sub floor?  What are the conditions like? What is the soil type? What is the drainage like? Is there mould? Is there good ventilation? Are the ant cappings adequate? There are so many more, but these are just a few of the key factors that will also play a pivotal role in the decision process that Blackwater Pest Management takes.


Once there has been an overall picture gained then comes the part of pulling it all together and making the key recommendations and advising the client empowering them with the knowledge to make an informed decision in which direction they would like to proceed with.

Best Termite Treatment Options:

Each property will pose its own obstacles and depending on the colony control option that was implemented will also determine the best option for Termite Treatment to be installed by Blackwater Pest Management.

Termite treatments installed by Blackwater Pest Management are:


Active constituents: Fipronil

This is a fipronil based insecticide treatment which is non-repellent and is designed to not be detected by Termites preventing Termites from getting pushed to any vulnerable spots on the home, due to a possible construction style flaw or one of the many other reasons which leads to termite issues e.g. excessive soil build up or even inadequate ant capping.  Termidor works so well due to the fact that it is a delayed mortality insecticide which doesn’t allow the termites to know where the threat is coming from, a lot of pest controllers will claim it will take it back to the termite nest eradicating the source, but this is not entirely true, this is only possible if the nest is within 5 meters and sufficient chemical has infected the right amount of numbers depending on the colony size, only then can it achieve colony collapse. The real benefit is when termites can’t pinpoint where death is coming from they will sacrifice majority of the colony which can be millions to save the queen as they know she can always replace the numbers they have sacrificed if only she survives, so the termites will pull right back giving your home and most valuable assets great protection.


Active constituents: Bifenthrin

This is a bifenthrin based insecticide treatment which is a repellent and is designed so the termites know it is there, they come in contact with it and die immediately giving you great protection if a full termite barrier can be implemented, it has great longevity bonds well with the soil and has been tried and tested achieving great results for our clients. This method will not allow colony control as it is not delayed mortality. The downside to this chemical can be if there are any vulnerabilities the termites will keep foraging until they usually find that spot on the structure  where the chemical was not able to be placed whether in between 2 joining slabs or even being a hot water unit where the soil is unable to be reached.


Active constituents: Hexaflumuron

This system is designed to be implemented on those tricky jobs where a complete chemical barrier is not an option or Blackwater Pest Management believes the property is best suited for a monitoring system.  This is a state of the art system that is terrific at intercepting foraging termites before they get to the house providing them with a food source which contains Hexaflumuron which works as a Insect Growth Regulator that does not allow Termites to re grow Chitin which is needed to form a new exoskeleton so in return totally eliminates the colony giving you great protection. Each station is 80mm in diameter set no more than 3meters apart bored into the soil which just blends into the yard, the bait rods are all covered internally in the system not allowing access unless opened with the key. To inspect it is pulled up for visual inspection on the termite eradicating rods if 1 is consumed the bait rod is replaced while knowing you have just eradicated a threat to your home, this is so very satisfying.

Blackwater Pest Management has the knowledge, skills and technology to achieve the very best results for our clients. Providing your local area with Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and all your other Pest Management needs.

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