Blackwater Pest Management:

Blackwater Pest Management is a family owned and operated pest control company based in Hawkesbury. Servicing the entire north-west Sydney region, we provide a wide range of pest control, inspections and advice services for both residential and commercial customers, treating everything from termites and cockroaches to ants, spiders and fleas. Whatever your pest eradication needs, we have the solution for you!

We are a leading pest control company throughout Sydney, Hawkesbury, Nepean and the Blue Mountains. Up to date with the latest pest control solutions, and with first-hand knowledge of different pest problems in different areas, we provide local knowledge and reasonable pricing to make sure our customers receive value for money, time after time.

Expert advice and family-friendly solutions:

Our team of specialists have more than 50 years’ experience in the safe application of pest control measures, so you can be assured that you will be in safe hands. All jobs begin with a thorough inspection of the building or property, to ensure that the optimum solution, whether chemical or physical, is applied.

To us, the health and safety of our customers is paramount. You may be concerned about using chemicals in your home, but with Blackwater Pest Management you can be reassured that we have that covered. We only use non-toxic, organic products derived from the chrysanthemum flower so your family and pets are 100% safe. By using an expert company like Blackwater Pest Management, you are ensuring that the correct solution is being applied, to the highest standard. We will also provide advice for ongoing pest control measures, giving you additional peace of mind.

Eliminating pests:

Unwanted pests like termites and moths can cause damage to your home and property, while mice, fleas and mosquitoes can be a serious annoyance and health risk. Blackwater Pest Management can handle all of the following pests to protect your family and your home:

Termite damage, for example, can run into the thousands of dollars if not caught early. With a significant number of Australian homes affected every year, a termite inspection and subsequent termite control can halt any problem in its tracks. Termites can travel long distances to find food, and enter houses through the floor, plumbing pipework, and joints. Left untreated, they can hollow out wooden beams and cause extensive damage costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Telltale signs of a termite infestation include flying termites, finding papery wings around the home, piles of sawdust and small holes in wood and dry walls, bubbled paint, or mud tubes in concrete. Unlike ants, cockroaches or spiders, you may not see termites out in the open so it may take longer for you to realise that there is an infestation – making regular termite inspections vital.

The most common and effective way to control pests like termites is through a chemical treatment or baiting program.

With our environmentally-friendly and non-toxic solutions, we can ensure that your insect or rodent problem is professionally dealt with, at no risk to yourself or your family. After the initial pest inspection, a chemical spray will be applied. This will kill any pests in the home and any pests not initially killed will still be exterminated a short time later. A reapplication every 12 months is recommended to keep your home pest-free.

Physical barriers and termite monitoring systems are another option to eliminate pests such as termites. To prevent future attack by termites in particular, a termite monitoring barrier can be installed. This is designed to intercept termites and help prevent them from infiltrating your home. A termite barrier should only be implemented by a professional pest control company like Blackwater Pest Management, who ensures that the barrier is applied in line with all Australian standards.

A termite Pre construction barrier is now required to be installed in all new developments and Blackwater Pest Management can provide advice on the legal requirements to keep your family safe and your home in order. Whether you are building a new home, or renovating an old one, we can ensure that you are compliant and safe from termites. Termite inspections are also recommended every 12 months so any problem can be dealt with quickly.

If you are interested in a termite monitoring systems as an ideal non-chemical solution or want the latest and safest chemicals then call Blackwater Pest Management to get the job done.

Services out of the home:

For our commercial customers, Blackwater Pest Management can give you expert advice tailored to you. Pests can cause both physical as well as reputational damage to a business. We treat health care facilities, restaurants, hotels, tourist centres, offices and local businesses, only using organic products to ensure that your patients, guests and customers remain unaffected and you stay pest-free. We will work with you to find the optimal solution that eradicates the pest while causing minimal disruption to your business’ operation.

For food services clients, we use non-toxic products that meet all food safety standards. We have an extensive understanding of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point regulations to provide you with a high level of service to control pests within food handling premises.

Warehouses, transport hubs and retail spaces such as shopping centres can be at high risk from pest issues. A pest problem can cause significant damage to goods on site and form a health threat to employees, not to mention the risk to your reputation. By hiring Blackwater Pest Management you can employ exclusion control to prevent infestations before they occur. We will investigate the building, identify any potential points of entry for pests, and seal these up. We can also provide additional long-term advice to help you reduce contamination.

Don’t delay – call today:

Looking for termite control, termite treatment, rodent/ant control, pest sprays, and pest inspections? Blackwater Pest Management can help you achieve a pest-free home or business. Our non-toxic products have been designed to provide maximum safety and stop pests before they become a problem.
With a $0 call out fee, $0 booking fee, same-day bookings and a 10% senior discount, contact us now for a free quote!

Pest Control Services in Kellyville, Windsor, Rouse Hill, and More:

Blackwater Pest Management is a family owned and operated company based in the Hawkesbury servicing Sydney wide. We take a no nonsense approach to protecting your family and home from all types of pests.

All treatments are performed by highly trained technicians and all work is carried out to Australian Standards.

We are competitive, thorough and pride ourselves on integrity and fairness in everything that we do! Obligation free quotes. Termite specialists.

All products used are natural pyrethrums and pyrethroids which are derived from the chrysanthemum flower.

Blackwater Pest Management is a one stop shop for your entire termite, rodent and general pest needs, specialising in:

  • Termite inspection and treatments in
  • General pest sprays and treatments for ants, cockroaches, fleas etc.
  • Treatments for rodent, wildlife, snakes etc.
  • Pre-purchase pest and building inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspection:


Buying a new home or investment is usually the single most significant purchase people make in their lifetime.

For information on the home structure, health issues (mould, damp), termite activity or damage trust Blackwater Pest Management with your pre-purchase inspection, and have peace of mind and a level of comfort you wont obtain from other inferior pest control companies.

Don’t rely on a Real Estate Agent or Conveyancer to recommend an inferior pest control company when so much is at stake for you and your family.

Contact us to arrange an inspection. Make an informed decision about your purchase. Let us take the stress out of the process by combining your pest and building inspections.

Comprehensive inspection and report provided. Blackwater Pest Management will also talk through the findings of the inspection with you!

Service Areas:

Sydney Metropolitan
Leading the way in pest control throughout Sydney metropolitans areas and having the knowledge of each suburb and it’s specific pest problems only comes through
experience. There is no suburb that doesn’t have its own pest problems and living in the Australia where our pests can bring great problems, only trust the best Blackwater pest management.
Blackwater Pest Management is a professional pest control company in North Western Sydney. We are based in the Hawkesbury.
We are up-to-date with all the advances and are the termite specialists. We provide Pest Control in Hawkesbury for a variety of pests. Also, we provide advice about appropriate pest management procedures.
This is exactly why you need the services of a professional company like Blackwater Pest Management.
We are a leading pest control company in Nepean and serve commercial as well as residential customers. We always keep our pricing reasonable and this provides our customers value
for money.
Blue Mountains
We are a company that built a very strong reputation in the field and today residential and commercial customers from across North Western Sydney
opt for our services.
We are updated with all the latest advances and provide Pest Control Blue Mountains for a variety of pests.