how to get rid of mosquitos?

Mosquitoes are simultaneously one of the most annoying and life-threatening insects in the world and even in an urban North Western Sydney area they should not be ignored. Living amongst the beautiful lush bushland of the Blue Mountains region, our area is extremely vulnerable to natural pests like termites, ants and spiders. Mosquitos are no different which is why Blackwater Pest Management understands the unique challenge posed to get rid of mosquitos in your local area, and also why we want to help you with the proper procedures to minimise discomfort for you and your family. Check out our 3 every day tips for mosquito management on your property.

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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitos


  1. Remove stagnant water from around the house

Mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant water so make it hard for them to get close to you by covering all sources of water including jugs, buckets, and pools at night, and tipping out any rainwater that may have collected in old flower pots, bird baths or dishes outdoors.


  1. Use a mosquito safety net around your bed

A mosquito safety net is the most effective way to help protect you from the buzzing and itching of a terrible nights sleep. This is especially useful as mosquitoes have a tendency to attack in the hours between midnight and dawn because they are colder and seek to gain energy from their diet of blood to stay warm.


  1. Ensure the screens on your doors and windows are fixed

A fly screen is no use with a hole in it! Be sure to stay on top of maintaining and repairing the screens on all your doors and windows in the house, this will also help keep out unwanted moths and cockroaches too.


While there are plenty of store-bought repellents designed to protect you and kill mosquitoes in the short-term, you shouldn’t have to worry about the pests returning anytime soon. Use longer lasting methods of eradication from the team at Blackwater Pest Management and let us take care of such problems for you. Our professional treatments can help make your house a safer place for yourself, children and pets – so get in touch and suffer the itching no longer!

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